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Friday, June 29, 2007

Performance Point 2007 CTP3 Virtual Server 2005 Implementation

Please diregard this post, this way of implementing the servers will fail due to deficencies in NewSid.exe on servers running SharePoint!

I'll fix it later.

Performance Point 2007, Virtual Server 2005
part 1

Warning: You need a 2GB+ machine for this; I use 3GB x64 SCSI and this is prefered, it is not really a laptop with USB disks excercise.

1. Goal
2. Plan
3. Implementation
4. Test
5. Conclusion

1. Goal
Set up PPS multi-server as virtual server images with a dedicated domain: perf.local

2. Plan

a) Set up standard base image
b) Set up domain controller
c) Decide what servers shall be implemented
d) Set time of completion
e) Blog this
f-) Implement servers
x) Implement client

3. Implementation

3a) Set up standard base image
I decided to use Virtual PC 2007 for the images, this way I can run any
combination of Virtual Server and Virtual PC since the images will work on
both. I also decided to create a standard image I can multiply.

Standard image:
Hardware: (virtual)
3x73GB IDE disks
2x LAN mapped to the same adapter

Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2

Name: SVR-PPSx
Language, keyboard: Norwegian
User names:
ConsoleUser (Local admin with ForceAutoLogon)
IDE 0: 73GB disk:
C: 73GB boot, swap and os setup files
moved swap here, moved os setup files here, set setupdir in reg
IDE 1: 73GB disk:
E: 73GB os
IDE 2: 73GB disk
F: 20GB program files
moved %programFiles% here
G: 10GB temp
temp set here in environment
H: 13GB documents and data
"My documents" moved here
I: 20GB log and backup
J: 10GB tempdb
D: CD on physical drive
Network adapters
0: DHCP assigned

After setting up this image I put newsid (winternals) on the desktop for
ConsoleUser so that every time I multiply it I can generate a new sid. Then I
installed .NET 2.0 and generated a new sid.

Image was shut down and .vmc file stripped for any absolute paths (don't know
if this is needed but it gives me pleasure)

Created a folder structure for my project:
.\pps\ My root folder
.\pps\base image Place to put base (mother) image
.\pps\base image\1.0 Copy of base image in case I need more than one base
.\pps\i Installation files for windows, sql, pps, newsid and more
.\pps\old I will need this for earlier ctps and more as time passes
.\pps\pps 0 dc Image files for dc goes here

Then I moved and copied the files around and that is enough for one day. L8r.

3b) Set up domain controller

3c) Decide what servers shall be implemented

3d) Set time of completion

3e) Blog this

3f-) Implement servers

3x) Implement client

4. Test

5. Conclusion



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