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Monday, November 07, 2005

Aaaaaaaaaah What a day!

Aaaaaaaaaah. What a day!
I don’t have MSDN
My hard disk is totally gone.

MSDN: misplaced order!
Today is the official release of VS2005 and SQL2005. Products I have used for 5 percent of my life. But, not having MSDN, I can’t get my hands on the RTM bits. I used to have MSDN, but forgot to renew it, since I was testing betas of the products I used. I saw this coming a couple of weeks ago, so I called MSDN and ordered my MSDN team architect version (or whatever). Every day since, I have asked the invoice department if they have paid the bill. Every day the same answer: We haven’t seen any bill!
So, it turns out, MSDN has misplaced (what ever that word means) my order. This means that while every MSDN subscriber on the planet gets to play with the release, I have to wait.

Hardware problems, I hope, follow up
I lost contact with my native web database server on Sunday. Black-screen. Please insert boot device. This is the 2nd time this year.

Tomorrow will be better. I’m missing webcast of the release. I will watch the recordings. I will lose a day, but, having worked with SQL Server for quite a while and learning about it in all possible ways except visiting the team or SQL PASS. I guess I will just lose this one day.

Good night.


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