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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Google Treasure Hunt 2008 – and some Google App Engine

It's the Norwegian constitution day (or rather was before mid-night), so I'll recapitulate and do some stuff I have been pushing in front of me. First I went through material of SQL Server 2008 BI for a couple of hours and emptied some inboxes (removing all items is the liberating way to go). Then I stumbled over

google treasure hunt.


Arrrrrrrr you ready? Onward to the first puzzle, matey! And good luck!



I got 55x56 and my answer is Here is 4926360926504692838778xxxxxxxxxx (I will not give the actual answer).

The answer was correct (actually I was lucky), so I'm in the contest:
Your email address:
Your question: 55 x 56
Your answer: 4926360926504692838778…
Time received: 2008-05-18 00:24:53.803640 UTC

Correct answer: 4926360926504692838778…
Your answer was: Correct

Your answer was correct! Congratulations, you're part-way there.
There will more questions over the coming weeks, and the first person to answer them all correctly will win a prize, so keep trying!


Hope I get the time to follow this up.

I also added "Google App Engine", "Google Treasure Hunt" and "python" to my list of google alerts. Once a week, of course, play time is sparse. has got to wait for now.


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